Product Description

- USDA Dairy Accepted
- Versions conforming to EC 1935/2004 available
- Easy removal of rotor for fast and efficient cleaning
- Smooth product contact surfaces in food grade material
- Rotor pockets radiused and polished to Ra=0,8 μm (150 grit)
- Rotor vanes chamfered on all edges
- Flame proof and explosion shock resistant versions available
- Flameproof versions suitable for St2 products available
- Versions conforming to ATEX 2014/34/EU available
- NFPA 69 compliant versions available

Features & Benefits

The AL-AXL Dairy rotary valves are designed for use in the food, pet food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries where very high standards apply. The Dairy valves have an official USDA certificate of acceptance for use in dairy plants and are optionally available conforming to the EC 1935/2004 directive. The construction of the valve is designed to avoid bacteriological contamination. All product contact surfaces are in food grade material and smoothly polished. The AL-AXL Dairy valves are optionally available in MZC execution with supporting bars for easy removal of the end cover and rotor without damaging the housing. The MZC valves are easily detachable in a few minutes. The AL Dairy valves are available in 6 sizes, covering a capacity range from approximately 2.5 to 58 liter per revolution at 100% filling. The AXL valves are available in 4 sizes from 200-350, capacity range of the rotor from 5.5-34 liter per revolution at 100% filling. The AXL size corresponds with the dimension of the inlet flange.

The body and end covers are constructed from AISI 316 stainless steel (DIN 1.4408). The rotor is manufactured from AISI 316L stainless steel (DIN 1.4404). For special applications, internal and external mirror polishing of the valve is possible. The shaft sealing is by means of gland packing or air purge. The standard models are suitable for temperatures up to 80 °C and a pressure up to 2 bar g. Flameproof and explosion shock-resistant versions up to 10 bar g are also available.